The City of Freesberg

This is an excerpt from the book I am currently writing, Dogs Underground. Aaron and Win, our sixteen year old hero_ines have just stumbled into a city. Underground. May or may not contain their missing dog.

When they emerged from the lift, they stood on a smooth stone ledge overlooking a marvelous sight: A shining sky over a gleaming city.
They had entered a vast open space, so vast that at first they didn‘t realise that they were still underground. It took them a while to take in that this was indeed a cavern so huge that it had room for a small city. The buildings became higher nearer to the gently sloping walls. Where the ground turned upwards and it became too steep for conventional buildings, there where unconventional ones built directly into the walls, connected with rickety metal stairs and a maze of balconies. There where narrow stone ledges and an abundance of galleries protruding from the rocks all the way up until the walls started to slope inwards to form the ceiling. Huge bundles of fern grew out of every nook and cranny, cascading down into the city like so many green waterfalls.

The city had no roofs. In a rainless world, every available space was green with ferns and gardens.
At the far end of the cavern, a gigantic stream of water gushed out of a big opening and cascaded down the wall, crashing into a lake and meandering in great curves and circles around the city until it reached the other side of the cave, down and to the right of the ledge they were standing on. Here it vanished foaming and roaring into an opening that seemed to lead downwards.

A hundred bright glass orbs where hanging from the ceiling, all in different sizes ranging from football-sized to two meters in diameter. They were arranged in concentric circles, with the bigger ones concentrated in the middle, the suns of the domed ceiling.

The orbs were all interconnected by thin, opaque strands of tubing, reminding Aaron of a gigantic spider’s web laced in dew on a crisp winter morning. He also noticed that these were much brighter and emitted a clear light rather than a greyish turbid shimmering. The tubing ran together, forming a dozen or so thick strands that ran down the sides and to the ground; one very near where they stood. Aaron could see little flakes glowing and bubbling up in the tree-sized strand.

The ceiling as well as what little wall was visible behind the climbing city shined like the inside of a pearl. It was this reflection of light that created an illusion of openness, of sky.

2 Antworten auf „The City of Freesberg“

  1. 1 Meeresbande 30. November 2011 um 22:08 Uhr

    Wow, that’s very beautiful! I can totally picture this marvellous city in my head, it’s like a place out of Harry Potter. But it makes even more sense, in that it doesn‘t rely on magic so much to work. Just so beautiful.

  2. 2 Nils 03. Dezember 2011 um 18:17 Uhr

    Thank you so much! That is the highest compliment I can imagine, because JK Rowling has been and is a huge influence for me, and I admire her worldbuilding, her way with words.

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