The Aftermath of NaNoWriMo 2010

Okay, where were we? Ah yes…

6) Pick the book up again after a few months.
Realise it’s good. Focus on your strengths, the awesome characters, the snappy dialogue, the solid world building, the strong voice. Realise it’s good.

7) Focus on your main weakness.
Plot. Nils, I regret to inform you that your book has the dreaded Phenomenally Weak Premise. So yes, your main weakness is plot.
Do your homework. Read books, read blogs, listen to podcasts. Book a class or two. Get help. It’s out there. No one has to suffer from Phenomenally Weak Premise alone in these modern times. Science will helb you!

8) Focus on the shiny.
This is very overwhelming. Convalescence takes a lot out of a person, so relax and do something nice. Re-read your favourite books, or better yet, let someone famous read them to you via audiobook. Stephen Fry does an excellent job with the Harry Potter series, and I know those books nearly by heart now.

9) Just fix that broken premise.
It doesn‘t fit your book anyways. Yes, it means you have to murder a lot of darlings, i.e. you have to erase some of your favourite scenes because they hinge on this stupid purple idea. Do it anyway, your book needs you to be strong now.