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The Glue. It is water-soluble.

Book binding adventures!!

I have a glue that is conveniently labelled Buchbinderleim*, or book binder’s glue.
I used to buy it in a tube that can stand on its cap, but said cap always glued up and I had to bore the thing open before every use. That got tiring, and eventually I kept to the old-fashioned glue pots with the screwable big lid on top. They are awesome, and since I have yet to learn how to cook simple starch glue without making it too runny, I use nothing else in all my bookbinding endeavours.

However, the lid gets full of glue, and after a while, closing it becomes a sticky affair, and opening it a minor problem. I know all the tricks however.

Only the glue itself gets dry, and then it’s a mean white glob that is hard to spread, and I come to dread the moments where I have to use it, and hate the glue itself.

Until one day, I remembered that it is water soluble.

Now I just wet the brush before I spread my glue, like butter, on the bread that I call book binder’s linen. Hmm…

This is the deep sigh of artistic satisfaction, coming from someone who can finally feel like a true craftsman.

*I live in this quaint old country called Germany, the one with the Nazi problem, you might have heard of it.