Hei, this is the blog of Nils Anders, who writes poems and books and short stories and articles, who makes zines, who binds books, and who is in general a fan of words, languages, writing and paper. Cardboard and linen also figure into this.

I am a geek and a fan of many things. I try not to ramble about Star Trek or Harry Potter too much.

I‘m trans and gender-fabulous, with a neat black tie and newspaper boy cap and fabulous nailpolish. Pronouns include and are not limited to: he, s_he, she, ze, hir, and so on. I love them.

I have a Twitter account: @Nils_ander and a DeviantArt account: ~svenmarie (don‘t sue me, I was young then and it’s impossible to change your user name. I‘m too lazy to get myself a new account now.)

I live by a beech wood and a little giggling stream somewhere north of Berlin, Germany. Just now, someone complained why my English was so good.
-Pure evil.
They laughed.

Little do they know…